For Janssen Riotech (also known as Janssen Rioleringstechniek BV) I was asked to restyle their Logo and design a fresh new identity. A logo can be a delicate matter, as it is deeply rooted within the company personal and branded on the client's retina. To discard a logo and bring in a new one, is quite a delicate matter. So we decided to take it one step at a time. First we worked towards bringing change into typography, later on we brought in change to the colour palette. This way the company and it's clients had the chance to acclimatize to the change and identify it as the company they know.
When the logo was to Janssen Riotch's liking we began working on the overall identity. From stationary design to the trade-fare stand. From business gifts labels to company brochures. The full monty:-)

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